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5 Reasons for Not Losing

1. Lack of sleep
2. Chronic stress
3 .Eating of Processed foods
4. Consumption of copious amounts of sugar.
5. Lack of Exercise Regimen

That is it pretty much in a nutshell , folks !! It is simple but unfortunately the road to get there can be difficult.
Follow me on this journey as we strive to Lose Weight and Look Hot and feel good about ourselves !!

Robert Andrew

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Hey guys Robert Marsh here. You have made a great decision to visit and hopefully become a regular reader of my Blog.

What this Blog is not about : Selling crappy products like ridiculous Fad Diets, weight loss pills, and generally a Blog more focused about me making as much money as I can off you.

What this Blog is about : Providing really great information and consultation from my own experiences in the last couple of decades, and doing constant research and developing a weight loss program through trial and error. My first hand experience in helping others will get you on the right track in losing weight and getting fit and healthy. Sure, I do make a little money when people invest in some of my OWN Flagship Weight Loss Programs !

But I really just love to help people (and I have many I have worked with) become more happy with their self image and more happy with their Life in general.

I really am here to help you so feel free to contact me at my personal email for any advice or for free consultation. It’s

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Well, Well, Well it is time for the ghosts and goblins to come out and spook all the little trick or treaters out there. Unfortunately because of inclement weather many of you have postponed Halloween til the weekend.

But I know most will be celebrating it tonight.

I can remember when I was a little kid we stayed out trick or treating til like 11 pm and we brought home grocery paper bags full of candy. I kid you not. It was amazing how much candy we had and how much we consumed in the proceeding few days. It just seemed to never stop. (And for adults it can be a recipe for disaster when trying to find ways to lose weight )

Today, there is still a lot of candy. I know with my kids here in Texas this month has been Halloween party after Halloween party at the library, school, churches, school mates’ homes, heck even at McDonalds. It just seems so much more commercialized now a days.

So even though my kids do not get as much candy on the actual night of Halloween they make up for it in all the other parties  leading up to it. Just a different way to get as much as candy as they can like we did in my day with our grocery paper bags and staying out til 11pm  on the big night:)

With all this being said I know many adults including yours truly kind of make it a exception in eating the sugar laden candy on this holiday.

Folks, there is nothing wrong with having a few mini snicker bars or a small box of skittles but just keep everything in modest portions.

Remember, your metabolisms are different than young children. Children can burn this stuff off in a whim. But for us adults the metabolism is definitely slower and thus this could could cause all that sugar to settle and be processed into FAT !

(Suffice to to say this is not one of the best ways to lose weight)

And it is just plain unhealthy all the way around.

So guys have fun tonight or this weekend and remember to eat some good treats but be smart about it and do not over stuff your faces with Sugar.


Robert  Andrew  :>)

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Damn, I wish I could just do my circuit training workouts and sweat my butt off and eat to my heart’s content

Well we all know that working out and exercise is just one part of the equation in losing weight and staying fit.

You also have to adopt a healthy dietary intake.

And here are 10 super foods to help you get healthy and give you some tips to lose belly fast  !

1.Chocolate (Cocoa )- Don’t say no to chocolate. Cocoa can make you smile from ear to ear.And as long as you eat in healthy proportions it can release good feeling chemicals in your brain called serotonin and endorphins. It  also  is rich with flavenoids which is a substance that may help prevent things like stroke, heart disease and diabetes. Can you imagine a proportionate amount of diabetes keeping you from getting diabetes. :>)

2. Red Wine – It is very true that one glass of red wine is definitely good to have per day. The main point is having self control in having one glass :)  Red wine is  made with the dark skin and seeds of grapes which have antioxidents benefits from polyphenols and a plant compound called resveratrol.  Scientist have shown this to be a inhibitor in the growth of different types of  cancer( including  lymph, liver, prostrate, stomach and breast)  And also can prevent blood clots. Also grape juice has similarly benefits as red wine

3.Chia Seeds – A seed very rich in vitamins, minerals, and anti oxidants. Has more than 400% calcium than milk. And the same amount of Omega -3s as wild salmon.

4.Broccoli – One of the best foods around.  Loaded with Vitamin E and K (moistly beta carotene) folic acid, calcium and fiber.This super food has been shown to assist in  reducing  heart disease, cataracts, colon and other types of cancers. I personally give my children and myself  a serving of this wonderful food everyday.

5. Ligonberries -This is really a great super fruit. These berries originate in Scandinavia and help fight off cancer and diabetes . They serve as a natural antibiotic helping to  prevent heat attacks and strokes (i.e. help fiend of cholesterol from damaging arteries) . A truly wonderful anti oxidant !

6.Eggs – Hah, Eggs. Every body seems to love eggs. But so many are led on that eating eggs to frequently can cause a unneeded increase in bad cholesterol. Well, I am here to say one egg a day has been studied upon and declared to be more an asset than liability. As well as protein  there are great nutrients including minerals like calcium and magnesium as well vitamins D, A, E, B6, B12 and it can literally go on.!  Eggs are rich in carotenoids  which is a good promoter of healthy eyes and really reduces vision loss as you get older. So an Egg a day will keep the doctor away and it will NOT make your cholesterol levels go up :)

7. Beet Juice – When we usually see red in our lives we identify it as being heated or upset. Not so with foods. The redness you find in beet juice comes  derived from beta-lain which is a cancer fighting antioxidant . It helps protect the Liver and assists in helping your blood flow more easily . It contains Iron which helps to deliver oxygen throughout the body and reduces the chances  of anemia. and fights anemia.

8. Mustard Greens – Not question when you see the word Green in a food then chances are you cannot go wrong. With these seeds the same is true ! You get rich doses of Vitamin K  and, they  are very good for your blood and bone strength. They are also very rich i n a substance called sulforaphanes . This will help get rid of the bile acid in your body. And the less bile the lass cholesterol which is always a good thing.

9. Sweet Potatoes -This food is very rich in beta carotene and incidentally can claim over 100% more antioxidants than blueberries believe it or not.  They have a tremendous amount of vitamin A and C. Rich in beta-carotene and boasting 150% more antioxidants than blueberries, sweet potatoes are also super high in heart-healthy vitamin A and C.   Which keeps your immune system strong especially during cold and flu season.    Definitely substitute them for regular potatoes. They have so much more nutritional value.

10.Coconut oil – A really good anti oxidant that really keeps your body running in an orderly manner. It can help your immune system in battling bacteria and viruses that may make you ill. It can help with thyroid function and help control bloods sugar. It can also  help with digestion, reduce cholesterol, and keep your weight at a balanced level.


I hope you have gotten something out o these tips to lose belly fat and the 10 super foods I talked about.

Remember, eat well and play hard ;)



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Okay guys. This blog has just completed its 4 anniversary from its inception in June 2009. HOORAY lol

It has been a pleasure to help many of you who read my blog. And I will continue to provide my expertise on staying healthy, losing weight, and getting fit.

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about a touchy topic for many women. How to lose weight after pregnancy ?

Our Story

My wife found out in April of 2008 that she was pregnant for the first time with one of those Walmart pregnancy tests.. Later on we found out it was going to be a girl. We were so excited as we scrambled for different names to call our soon to be bundle of joy.

One name that just popped out of my head was Mackenzie. My wife loved it and we decided to use my mother’s middle name Claire. So we were eagerly awaiting for that November 2008 for the birth of little Mackenize Claire.

It could not come soon enough as my wife was really becoming impatient with all the things you have to deal with being pregnant.

One thing she really disliked was the weight gain during this time. It just really bothered her. But to me she never looked so beautiful during this period of time with our little one in her belly :)

Of course , she could not disagree with my views enough.

But once our baby Mackenzie came out it was like a precious miracle that had been put in our lap.It was and still is up to this day a very joyful event.

After time went along, my wife was eager to get back in the swing of things and get back to her normal weight which was about 40 lbs lighter.

She got back in her routine of doing the elliptical and light weights. But as soon as she was just getting back to where she was, guess what happened ? Thats right…. She became pregnant with our second daughter. She was born in February 2010. I know pretty close together but we figured why not get it all over with ;)

Plus, the girls are 3 and 4 now and are best friends which can be somewhat attributed to their closeness in age.

So that was the end of the baby making factory. Two is plenty for us. hehehe

But as happy as we were my wife wanted to know how to lose weight after pregnancy ? I mean she did a little bit after our first child. But she wanted to completely get back to her normal weight after our second was born.

All I can say to you women out there who want to know how to lose weight after pregnancy is to be patient and do it slowly !

My wife has been doing that the last few years. She has adopted an exercise regimen that she dearly loves, kettle bells and Zumba,  and she sets up a time that she can do it every week, week in and week out. She does not over due it because she know she will burn herself out and gain all the pregnancy weight back. And she is so happy to have lost almost all the pregnancy weight and is right close to where she was 5 years ago. Kudos to her and to all you other women who have done it and to the women I know who can do it too !

My wife will also tell you eating is a  key in how to lose weight after pregnancy. You just cannot get away from that. Splurging on carbs like she did during her pregnancy was common place but it will get you nowhere after its over with. She concentrates on getting  her dose of fresh fruit and nuts as well as lean  protein and fat and whole grains.Also drinking plenty of water to keep hydrated and keeping her skin look youthful is a must .

So in conclusion I (and my wife will also ) tell women who want to know how to lose weight after pregnancy to follow a simple exercise and eating regimen that you can make part of your Lifestyle for a very, very long time.

And have patience, patience,and patience!

Oh yeah did I mention you need to have patience  :>)

Cheers to a sexy you,






It is blazing hot here in Texas. I was away for a month’s vacation with my family in South Carolina and Tennessee. I have to admit that I really was stagnant with my exercising and put on some weight. So losing weight here recently has been a challenged.

But losing weight has been even more challenging in the last few weeks because of certain health problems that seem to have come to an apex here in the last month or so.

I have been having leg problems that have plagued for over 15 months now. Many of you probably know this from my posts in the past. It has been so frustrating many times.

About 2 months ago 2 weeks before my annual 10 k in Tennessee ( after 7 months lay off from running) I starting running to see how I felt. Well, from those first few strides my legs hurt like crap. Really horrible.

Since then my legs have only gotten worse. Even when not running. Consequently, staying fit and losing weight has been a challenge .

Three days ago I finally went to the doctor to get it checked out.

Well, they took some X Rays right there. It came back as me having mild arthritis in my upper thighs. Tha’ts no biggie. But then the doctor said he saw a cyst within the bone above the knee. He said it was not typical but felt it was not aggressive.

So I took MRIs yesterday and will talk to my doctor about the results tomorrow.

A little bit apprehensive but I have a lot of Faith in God and giving things over to him with things like this.

Anyway, I talk a lot about things to do on this site associated with losing weight and staying in shape.

I have always touted running as a great form of activity to keep the pounds off and the heart strong. With that being said I have also maintained my stance that running on roads a lot can really cause trouble for you down the road.

Well, I am pretty much proof in the pudding. This cyst may not be caused by road running but I know the arthritis in my upper leg  has been caused by the pounding of the pavement for many years !

So to maintain my health and continue in losing weight when I put on some pounds  Ineed to continu elow impact like Bicycling, Swimming, Walking and light Weight Training.

Just take heed when deciding what exercise you want to do when trying to stay fit and lose weight !!


Peace out,




I cannot believe Summer has hit us so fast. The pool is officially open in our neighborhood and the people are strutting their stuff in the newest and hottest bikinis and bathing suits around.

This can be a great time for many but a not so great time for others.

Many who do suffer from from obesity are not only afraid to try on summer apparel they are also afraid to step out in a setting like a swimming pool. Plainly put it can be tortuous for them.

Of course ,it is never to late to find ways to lose weight whether it be Summer or Winter .

I would say the most popular form of exercise known to man is Walking. No really I am serious. The facts show this to be true and there is a reason why Walking is so popular.

First, there is no question that Walking at an accelerated pace  is a great cardio workout.

Second,  you place only a fraction of the pressure on joints and other body parts than other activities like Running.

Thirdly, you can build up your upper body by using small hand weights when you Walk.

And finally, Walking is such an accessible exercise that can be performed essentially anywhere. On top of this  it can be a very enjoyable form of activity that you can participate with others.

So do not fret too much about trying to find ways to lose weight. There are multitude ways.

Find one that best fits your style. Walking could definitely be a possibility for many.

And right now is the best time to start with the official day of Summer still 3 weeks away  :)

I will see you back at the end of July from vacation.

Until then keep it going,


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I cannot believe the kickoff of Summer is a littler more than a month away ! Labor day Weekend is the official  weekend so I know many of you are looking for Weight Loss Solutions to get you in the shape of your Life.

Well, here is one way; just don’t eat.   I am just kidding ;)

However, I think going all out with some crazy diet is a mistake,  really !! It will be only a temporary band aid for more important weight loss solutions  that need to be addressed.

Here are three variables that contribute in gaining weight and being obese and what you can do about them !

1. Emotional Eater – Many times gaining a large amount of weight and keeping it on has to do with emotional strain that one may not even realize. And this is causing an unhealthy life. Stuff that has to do with early life of a person like something a negative a person heard over and over again i.e.  “Your too big, lose some weight, and put that fork down”. Name calling from classmates as well can be stored in someone’s memory bank’s and be a cause of depression and ultimately obesity. Weight loss solutions for this include therapy and surrounding one self with people who are positive and uplifting !


2. Stressed out or nervous  Eater – I can plead guilty to this. Many times in the past I would feel nervous and feel like I had to have a snack in my hand or a cool beverage in the other. It is tough to find weight loss solutions  when you deal with a lot of stress. Personally, I have learned to take out my stress with exercise including running and lifting weights. There are hundreds of exercises that release endorphins in your head and reduce the amount of stress and over eating.

3. The over eater – I also plead guilty to this. I just love to eat. It is enjoyable.  Do you cope with this ? Use the pleasure principle. When you feel like eating to pleasure yourself just think how much more pleasure when you push your self away from the table and get that toned body you have always wanted :)

I hope some of these weight loss solutions to some major eating problems can help you and get your weight to a healthy level..

Cheers to a great Summer,










Stay tuned in the next two weeks for a new post to be submitted !

Take Care,

Robert Andrew

Well, Christmas and New Years is officially over. And we are about to end the first week of the new month in 2013.

What are you guys’  goals and desires for this New Year of 2013 ??

Do some of you want to lose a large amount of weight or maybe a just a few inches around the hips and thighs or maybe you want to cut down on the sugar and junk food in your diet and become that much more healthier !

Maybe you have an end result with all this ,like becoming more attractive to the opposite sex, maybe get more dates, or just maybe you want to see your spouse’s face when you look like a knockout !

We all  might have somewhat different goals but in the end it comes down to being healthy and being at a weight which you can be proud. This is pretty much desired by most of us !! :)

And I think all this over rides everything including building up your and improving relationships. Because in the end if you are really unhealthy having a relationship or becoming prosperous will not matter as you will be too sick to pursue such endeavors.

So for 2013 let’s think about ways you can increase your fitness and shed the pounds off.

1. Join a gym or have your own home gym with only a few dumb bells needed.

2. Eat more lean proteins like fish and sirloin, good carbs like carrots and oranges, whole grains, some dairy products like cottage cheese, and just the right amount of fats like cashews.

3. Try to do 30 minutes of exercising 3 times a week and only 3 times a week. That is all you will need. Walking, Swimming,circuit weight training are a few good ones.

4. Mediating and visualization are very effective. Meditating includes doing relaxed breathing in a quiet place and think about nothing but the air coming thru your nostrils and going out through your mouth

5. Finally, get plenty of Sleep. At least 7 hours of deep sleep per night !!


Follow these steps and your 2013 we get off to a fantastic start.


Peace out,

Robert Andrew


Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and to those who do not celebrate any of these I want to give you warm greetings for now and also the New Year !

I will be heading on a family trip to my parents in a few days. We will be going from Southern Texas to East Tennessee where they live and where I grew up my entire Life for the most part ! Yep, it is just over 1,000 miles !

It will be my wife and our two daughters in our Chevy SUV. They are 4 and 2 years and 10 months old. Of course, we are a little bit anxious but the girls have made this trip numerous times. We just keep our fingers cross that they will not get out out of hand. Of course, having Barney on the DVD screen helps tremendously ;)

I know I will be eating a little bit more than usual along with all of my family these Holidays. I will also be working out with my Wife and brothers. I might put in a few extra sets of circuit training to combat the excess food I will be consuming.

I know many of you will be eating a lot during these Holidays especially Christmas day and New Years (Eve) !

Remember my mantra. Balance , Balance, and more Balance.

If you eat huge amounts of Turkey and gravy and a slice of pecan pie that’s fine………but maybe the next day have some wheat bread and make a nice little turkey sandwich with a small garden salad on the side.

Have fun in Life but do not go overboard and do not be excessive.

Once again be safe if you are traveling and have the Merriest of Times, and I will see ya after the New Year !!

Robert Andrew

P.S. Please keep the good folks in Connecticut in your Prayers. Sometimes the Holidays are not Merry for some. And they need all the prayers and support we can give them. God Bless