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5 Reasons for Not Losing

1. Lack of sleep
2. Chronic stress
3 .Eating of Processed foods
4. Consumption of copious amounts of sugar.
5. Lack of Exercise Regimen

That is it pretty much in a nutshell , folks !! It is simple but unfortunately the road to get there can be difficult.
Follow me on this journey as we strive to Lose Weight and Look Hot and feel good about ourselves !!

Robert Andrew

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Archive for September, 2009

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Okay here is a real pet peeve of mine and I see it all the time. I will give you a real life example. My wonderful Mother-inlaw is a woman who has constantly battled with her weight for much of her Life. She reads books, watches nutritional shows, and knows all the variables in how to stay healthy and slim.

This past Summer she made a commitment (which she has many times in the past) to walk regularly during the week. Well, she works in the School system so she is off work ALL Summer. Because of this, she was able to commit with this Walking week in and Week out during the Summer. When I talked to her over the phone I stressed to her that she might want to Pace herself with her Regimen. She was Walking everyday for over an hour. I suggested she might just go 2 to 3 times a week for an hour.

Now there is a very good reason why I mentioned this and suggested it. I know in the past she has been what I call a “yo-yo Exerciser ” !! This is when a person gets ALL excited and enthusiastic in Exercising and is all pumped up. Well, for a couple of months that person goes all out in exercising. But eventually guess what happens ?? They get bored with it and burn out and then after months of training they quit doing it altogether !! As a result, ALL the work goes down the train.

Here is the KEY and I want to stress this to all you guys out there. Pick an Exercise Regimen that you really enjoy like Swimming, Hiking, Rollerblading etc… and do it every week on a level that will be manageable for you over a period of YEARS !! Thats right , set up a Pace that you can do the Exercise for years and years. If you can only Walk twice a week but you can do it every week for 10 years…then stick with that. It will pay off dividends for you in the future, big time.

Remember, losing weight and staying in shape is a long term journey. It takes years to get to that place where you find complete Success with it.

So find an exercise routine that you can continue to do for decades and decades to come !! :)

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(Topics Related to this Article include how to lose belly fat, how to lose weight, effective weight loss )

As many of you guys know I live in the California Desert near Palm Springs and we have an incredible range of impressive Mountains. Right from my back porch, I have the most beautiful panoramic view of the Santa Rosa Mountains just a few hundred yards from our house.

Naturally of course hiking is a wonderful activity we partake in on a consistent basis here. One of the greatest aspects of hiking is that you kill two birds with one stone. What I mean is its such an enjoyable activity as you get to view wildlife and smell the clean air and look at the beautiful Ranges as well as giving your Heart a good workout and keeping the body fat off at the same time !! :)

Just last year on one of my favorite Hikes in the Santa Rosa Mountains ,we got to see these beautiful Rams eating on the side of a slope. Actually they are a form of sheep but they highly resemble Rams. We took pictures and just watched in amazement at these creatures that live on rocky, barren mountains in 120 degree weather.

Also 2 months ago about 10 yards off the trail I was hiking with my daughter, we saw a Coyote. Yeah, I thought it was a dog but when it took off into the mountains I could see it was a wild Coyote.

Now I know many of you may not have access to the Desert Mountains like I have in my backyard but Hiking can be done anywhere that you have some forest and tress with some varied terrain.
Its a very adventuresome sport and one where you can have so much fun and do your body good at the same time !! ;)
And without the pounding that Running requires. So it will save on the wear and tear of your joints and knees. As you get older you will find how beneficial this one issue can be !!

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Well it is getting close to Fall here in the next few weeks. And living out here in the Cali Desert it can not come soon enough. We are starting to get only 100 degree weather now after enduring blazing temperatures that reached 122 degrees here in July !!

One of the biggest activities that I see people doing here in the Desert is Biking. Actually here in Palm Springs we are also known as the Capital in Cali for Biking.

Biking is truly one of the best activities you can do for your overall health. Biking 10 to 15 miles will get your Heart and Lungs in good shape as well as tone your whole body up including your calves and thighs.
And this activity will also keep the fat off you and help you maintain a comfortable body weight.

The calories burned in Biking is comparable to Running . But there is one variable that separates the two. With Running you place a lot less stress on your joints and knees with the constant pounding when your legs strike the pavement. As you get older you will find this to be so important. With Biking ,you will save years off the wear and tear of your knees.

This will enable you to live a longer more healthier Life in the long run.

Biking is such a great activity we wholeheartedly encourage everyone if they can to incorporate it at least one day a week in their exercise regimen. If you cant do it on a busy street , you can go to a gym and do a stationary bike to get the same benefits.

Its a no brainer ! ;)

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(Topics Related to Article include how to lose weight, effective weight loss, lose weight tips )

Well, our friends left just yesterday. And yes, I did some pretty good splurging. We went to Hollywood one day and I proceeded to eat a Double Burger with Onion Rings and a huge Cupcake for desert. And then had a Sonic Burger later for dinner !! ;(
Also, we drank some beer around the pool and cooked out hamburgers and steak.

But hey this was sort of like a vacation for my wife and I. But in all honesty, it wasnt really too bad. Mainly because I got back into my running the last two days our friends were here. Once I hit the pavement I know I am good to go.

So today I am back on my regular diet. I will have a Cliff Bar and fruit for breakfast and then maybe a lean ham sandwich for Lunch. And for dinner I think I will cook up some lean turkey burger. So it all good as things get back to normal.

I want to stress to many of you that splurging is not necessarily a terrible thing. In some regards it can be actually beneficial. So as long as you dont over do it !! :) Why can it be beneficial ?? Well, if you work towards a day where you can splurge a little bit , it can be a motivating factor. Say you tell yourself ‘ I will run for three days in a row and eat fresh fruit and vegetables during this time. And if I do this on the fourth day I can go out and split a Pizza with my Wife’.

Doing this not only gives you motivation but it helps you keep pace in living a healthy lifestyle and rewards you for doing so.

When you do this just be sure not to over due it. And I would NOT do it more than once a week.
Remember, Life is all about keeping the proper balance. And if you keep a good balance having some fun in your Life is definitely a Plus !!


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