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5 Reasons for Not Losing

1. Lack of sleep
2. Chronic stress
3 .Eating of Processed foods
4. Consumption of copious amounts of sugar.
5. Lack of Exercise Regimen

That is it pretty much in a nutshell , folks !! It is simple but unfortunately the road to get there can be difficult.
Follow me on this journey as we strive to Lose Weight and Look Hot and feel good about ourselves !!

Robert Andrew

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Archive for November, 2009

(Topics of interest that are discussed in this article include help to lose weight, lose belly fat, effective weight loss, lose weight tips )

Well guys guess what is coming up next week ?? Of course, it is Thanksgiving. And do you realize that this day is the number one day of the entire year for the consumption of calories in the US ??

Yes this is very true. And i want to impress upon you guys to enjoy yourself with your family and loved ones. But do it with moderation.

I know for myself it is a very challenging time to push myself away from the dinner table.

Let me give you one option if your fight is almost impossible to stay away from a big Thanksgiving meal. Well, two to three days before the big day just eat moderately and try to stick with some low fat salads and fruit and lean meats. Eat with portion control as the main goal. And I strongly encourage you to go out and at least walk briskly for 30 minutes at a time.

What you are doing here is setting a balanced lifestyle as your goal and main ficus.
You know that you will be consuming a large quantity of calories so you are working towards rewarding yourself days before by eating moderately.

There is nothing wrong with this on occasion so don’t get too worried about it.

Just don’t turn this kind of activity into a regular regimen.

Anyway, you guys have a great Thanksgiving and if you can eat only one Serving of mash potatoes and gravy then more power to you. If you cant just implement this little strategy above !! ;)

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(Topics related to this Article include help to lose weight, how to lose body fat, effective weight loss )

I am in my forties now with a beautiful Wife and a gorgeous baby girl. I will have to say in my 30 years + experience in staying in shape, exercising and dieting that to really find effective weight loss you must possess the right frame of mind.

I think this is more important than anything else if you want to stay healthy and get slim and in shape.

One of the biggest reasons why some people become morbidly obese is because they go through dramatic emotional and mental issues. These issues range from Depression, worries about the loss of a job, family and marital problems and a slew of other things.
The thing is people get stressed out and resort to binge eating or eating unhealthy as a coping mechanism.

I would say this is probably over 80% of the problem resulting in Obesity. People use food as a way to escape or a way to blow off steam.

So what to do about this ??

First of all, a person has to recognize this behavior and own up to it . Acknowledging the problem you have is the most crucial step. So you must take a personal inventory of yourself and identify this !

Second, you really need to search long and hard and do some soul searching and decide do want to really make an effort to rectify the problem ?

It wont be easy and it will be a long hard fought battle and journey you have to undertake.

As you go on this journey, you need to find other outlets to satisfy and reduce stress. Exercising is one big outlet that I use to cope with Stress. It is such a benefit and it will improve your physical and emotional state to a degree that you wouldn’t believe.

Other kinds of outlets include hobbies, reading, fellowhipping with others, and basically keeping busy with things that are not destructive to your Mind and Body.

Staying in shape and staying slim is a long term commitment that does take work. Just like anything in Life you will have to put in this work to see results.
It just as simple as that.

But remember once you get your Mind right and your Spirit right then you will definitely be on the right track for Success !! ;)

(Labels Include lose weight, how to lose body fat, effective weight loss )