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5 Reasons for Not Losing

1. Lack of sleep
2. Chronic stress
3 .Eating of Processed foods
4. Consumption of copious amounts of sugar.
5. Lack of Exercise Regimen

That is it pretty much in a nutshell , folks !! It is simple but unfortunately the road to get there can be difficult.
Follow me on this journey as we strive to Lose Weight and Look Hot and feel good about ourselves !!

Robert Andrew

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Archive for July, 2010

July 29 2010

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Man, this Summer has felt like a volcano. We live out here in the California desert and we have been consistently above 110 almost everyday . On top of this, the last two days  have been humid. This can be a recipe for disaster if you are not careful !

And I know some of you guys that read my blog live back East. And even though you dont have the temperature we have here in the desert, you have to deal with that miserable humidity. I know New York City has been over 100 degrees on some days with 100% humidity. Like I said earlier these two of conditions can be dangerous for many people.

If you plan to workout and exercise outside please do yourself a favor and drink plenty of water before doing so. I know recent health reports have said you need to drink 8 glasses of water every single day.

I would even take it one step further and try to exercise in an indoor area if at all possible. Whether that be in your home or a gym.At least wait until the Sun starts going down if you have to go outside to exercise.

Let me forwarn you this……..if you do go out and test the heat and try to run or bike you can succumb to heat stroke when you least expect it. As your body starts to dehydrate you might not even recognize this fact until you pass out or faint. And its too late.

So once again just be careful.

Swimming is really a great activity to pursue during the hot Summer months. You body is cooled by the water around it and you are less likely to succumb to dehydration and heat stroke. It is also a great activity in supporting your joints and feet. You tend to save the wear and tear on these joints as compared to other activities like running.

Just use your commson sense during these hot Summer months !! ;)

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July  22nd 2010

(Topics related to this Post include effective weight loss, effective weight loss programs, best ways to lose weight, lose abdominal fat, lose weight now )

In a nutshell, personally I would say ‘ NO’, a gym is not necessary to get in shape and stay mean and lean.

For over 20 years I have NOT been a Member at any gym. And I have done just fine. It takes some creativity some times, but it really is not as hard as it may sound. There is ways you can improvise like doingpush ups, sit ups, chin ups, walking, running, hiking, swimming etc.. that you can do on your own without paying for any gym membership.

If you dont want to go this route there is very reasonably priced home gym equipment you can purchase. I use one called the Total Gym which Chuck Norris has been endorsing for years on television ads  . And it is more than adequate in keeping me in good shape. I think I paid about $175 for it at Walmart a few years ago. And it is worth every penny of that and more. it is based on pulleys and leveraging your own body weight to get a workout with.
Remember, even if something like this is still a little expensive for you , you can go to yard sales and newspaper ads and find home gym equipment pricedridiculously low. They are usually  used but in most cases are essentially as good as new.

But I do understand for some people going to a gym just makes sense. They have no problem affording the price and they find the atmosphere motivating to them plus the state of the art equipment is hard to beat. By all means if this is the case and your opinion then go join a gym. Just makesure to  thoroughly check it out before joining and make sure you dont get into a binding contract with them that puts you in a bad position. You should preferably go with one where it is a month to month membership with the gym.

I think in the long run, whether it be at a Gym Membership or working out in your basement,  the main point is to adopt an exercise regimen that suits your own needs and style.

And one that you can stick with  for many years to come !! ;)

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July 15th 2010

(Topics that are related to this Post include effective weight loss, effective weight loss programs,  lose weight tips, getting rid of belly fat )

Hey guys well in the last two weeks we have entered the 2nd half of 2010. Wow, this year has already gone by so swiftly.

Its been an eventful one for yours truly. We had the birth of our second child in February. And she just turned 5 months two days ago. She is so beautiful and perfect. Her big sister Mackenzie is 19 months old now and she just loves her new baby sister so much. It is really amazing.

So what do you guys plan to do the next 6 months ?? Well, the best thing I can suggest for you to do is write down a schedule along with ALL your goals that you want to accomplish. When you do this you need to be very specific and detailed. If its 30 pounds you want to lose in the next 6 months then write it down with pen and paper. If you want to form an exercise regimen that includes 10 miles of running a week and 1 mile of swimming per week then guess what ??  Write it down !!!

By writing it down you are re-enforcing these goals and desires and thus  making it more realistic that you will indeed accomplish them.

Some people have a lot of success with Journals and I encourage  people to do this. I realize some may not have a whole lot of time but you can jot down your exercise and eating habits in just 5 minutes or less everyday.

Part of getting healthy and losing weight is implementing a certain amount of discipline. And the fact is many people just do not have it. Keeping tabulations of your health and fitness goals and everyday tasks does require this discipline. If you can develop it effectively, you are well ahead of most people and well on your way to getting in shape and losing weight and staying healthy.       Thats the bottom line !!!

(Tags include effective weight loss, effective weight loss programs,  lose weight tips, getting rid of belly fat)

July 7th 2010

(Topics related to this Post include effective weight loss, effective weight loss programs, best ways to lose weight, lose abdominal fat, lose weight now)

I didnt really want to take off two weeks from this Blog but the inlaws were in town and I had no choice !! :)

Actually part of this time I was sick from a cold that my 19 month old daughter gave me. And along with her my mother in law, wife, and nieces got it too. I still have a little cough but the main part of the cold is gone.

I worked out yesterday with the Total Gym and it was the first time in over 3 weeks since doing it. Needless to say I am really, really sore today all over my body. But it is a good feeling,  and I plan on getting back to it on  a regular routine including at least two runs a week along with walking with my daughters if weather permits.

Today, I just want to briefly discuss a subject that comes up a lot. And this past week presents a prime example of what I want to touch upon.  So what do people do when Holidays come around, families get together, and vacations come around ?? Well, let me get one thing straight. Yes, it is alright to have a little fun on vacation or during the Holidays. If you are trying to lose weight and get healthy just do things in moderation and keep a balance. So if you are on vacation in the Bahamas feel free to have a Corona or two by the  Ocean. But remember if you drink a couple of these every day then you might bypass that plate of cornbread later that night at dinner.  Or if you want to eat a big piece of Pecan Pie after a big turkey meal on Thanksgiving then the following day eat a salad for lunch or run an extra mile in your exercise.

Remember folks you need to enjoy Life. Splurging here and there can make things fun and enjoyable. Just realize you need to balance things out and do it in moderation !!

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