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5 Reasons for Not Losing

1. Lack of sleep
2. Chronic stress
3 .Eating of Processed foods
4. Consumption of copious amounts of sugar.
5. Lack of Exercise Regimen

That is it pretty much in a nutshell , folks !! It is simple but unfortunately the road to get there can be difficult.
Follow me on this journey as we strive to Lose Weight and Look Hot and feel good about ourselves !!

Robert Andrew

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Archive for October, 2010

Thursday October 28th, 2010

Okay, this week I kind of got caught in between Workouts and did not get a chance to run for the second time like I planned to. I was a little frustrated at first but it really is no problem because I have run a 4 miler this week along with a weight lifting workout and on top of this I walked two days straight. Twice each day. The walks were with my two daughters pushing the stroller. So really walking briskly and pushing the stroller is a workout in of itself.

Tommorrow while my wife is at work I will take the girls out twice again on a nice, fast paced walk. And I will do the same Sunday. So I think I am doing pretty good all things considering. Read the rest of this entry »

Wednesday October 20th, 2010

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Okay guys these last two days have been a little trying for me as far as my exercising goes. I have had two runs approximately 4 miles a piece. They are the standard runs I have been doing successfully the last couple of months. But yesterday when I went I just had no pep to my stride. Everything was in slow motion and my legs and whole body felt ridiculously heavy. Well, after 20 minutes or so of putting up with this on my run I just stopped and decided to walk a little bit. This occurence very rarely happens to me. Read the rest of this entry »

Wednesday,  October 6th  2010

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Well, the week before last  featured the season premiere of the Biggest Loser. Its in its 10th season and ratings seem to be about as high as ever.  As you may or may not know the Biggest Loser is a competition that involves individuals trying to lose as much weight as possible in the shortest amount of time. Hence the name the Biggest Loser.

Listen I dont think there is anything wrong with jump starting your efforts to lose weight with a short interim weight loss plan. But I think the Biggest Loser takes it to a level that seems to be in some cases counter productive and even dangerous. Read the rest of this entry »