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5 Reasons for Not Losing

1. Lack of sleep
2. Chronic stress
3 .Eating of Processed foods
4. Consumption of copious amounts of sugar.
5. Lack of Exercise Regimen

That is it pretty much in a nutshell , folks !! It is simple but unfortunately the road to get there can be difficult.
Follow me on this journey as we strive to Lose Weight and Look Hot and feel good about ourselves !!

Robert Andrew

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Archive for October, 2011

October 31st, 2011

Just a quick Post to you guys………I know tonight you might be partying or eating some of those trick or treat goodies. Go ahead and enjoy yourselves ,but remember tomorrow you have to balance what you did on Halloween with an extra mile or so or maybe eat a nice Salad with low fat dressing tomorrow.

As many of you know I in no way support the notion that you always have to eat a strict and unenjoyable diet. Just keep the junk food to a minimal and make sure you eat plenty of lean proteins, nuts, fruit and vegetables and keep the Carbs down as best you can !!

Once again have a Happy Halloween and go out and really spook someone
tonight !! :)

October 28th 2011

(Topics include ways to lose weight ,best way to lose weight, how to lose belly fat)

I forgot to mention the day before yesterday I went and saw my Cardiologist. A week or so before this, I had an echocadiagram, stress test, and a 24 hr. holster to measure my heart activity.

He said all looked good at least the “plumbing” of my Heart did. I am not sure exactly what that means ,but he went ahead and scheduled another appointment with another Cardiologist who specializes in the “electrical” part of the Heart.

He also said he did see the irregular heart beats (palpitations) but he said everyone has those. He said it could be due to stress. For one thing, I do not believe that everyone has had palpitations to the extent I have had them. I know that for a fact by just asking many family and friends if they have had similar ones to mine. And no one has.

I don’t know……… sometimes I just wonder about these doctors and if they really know for sure what is wrong and even care !! Its debatable !!!

But I will see this heart doctor and see if there is something wrong with the ‘electrical’ part of my Heart.

Anyway, I have continued working out and especially in the last 4 days. I have done 3 mile+ runs at a brisk pace with my daughters in the stroller. I tell you what these have been killer workouts and my heart, muscles, and all my body seem to be working just fine.

So this comforts me that maybe not all is wrong with my Heart. Maybe these palpitations are just something I have to live with but are not serious.

I tell you one thing its good to be hitting the pavement again !! :)

Until next time take care
Robert Andrew

(Tags include ways to lose weight ,best way to lose weight, how to lose belly fat)

October 27th 2011

Here are 3 deceiving and sneaky Tricks to rid Stomach Fat swiftly !

: Its called the ‘Calorie Confusion Mix Up ‘. As we have said earlier that drastically cutting calories for an extensive period of time will cause massive hunger and decrease the hormones that burn fat if done longer than a week.

However if you dont diet believe it or not you can lose that belly fat. How ?? The answer that is that you reduce the number of calories you eat every seven days just so your body ‘does not realize’ this and will not reduce those fat burning hormones like Glucagen.

Now dont eat some kind of cheat meal. But you should
actually reduce the number of calories within these 7 days.

If you do this ‘confusion’ method (the correct way that is) you repair your messed up metabolism and you deceive your body into Continuously burning the body fat without increasing those cravings or hunger.

SNEAKY TRICK #2: Consume the 38 foods that literally melt that belly fat away. I will get more into all of them in later posts but they include dark chocolate, peanut butter, turkey legs etc…They will kill body fat for specific reasons , while there are other foods that will add on body fat. The secret is to know the difference and exchange the bad for the good !!

These good foods do not contain the obesity additives that we can easily get hooked on.They will actually eliminate those cravings that we want to get rid of. Plus much of that toxic waste and excess water will be removed in the first two weeks.

And Cortisol ,that fat producing hormone, will be reduced by 18% in the first two weeks by eating just these 37 foods.

: Its called the ‘Thermal Burn Technique’ and developed by health guru Rob Poulos. You see some calories cause what is called a ‘thermal burn’ while other calories are plain useless weight !!

And make a big note of this, up to 31% of the calories you consume from certain foods will disappear with high thermal burn. This is because of the calories it takes just to to digest them.

So, if you eat 2,000 calories of certain fat reducing foods your body will count it as only 1400 calories. So basically you have eaten and done away 600 calories. Pretty cool, uh !

But they all are not diet foods. Well no, how about pan pizza and a juicy cheeseburger or a plate of saucy spaghetti ??

The ‘Thermal Burn Technique’ enables you to eat more foods to burn more calories and ultimately more of that belly fat and get your metabolism back on track :)

Robert Andrew

October 26th 2011

PROBLEM #1: Your hormones are completely going haywire. We have talked about this before but Cortisol and Insulin are two hormones that tend to raise fat levels when they increase.

Cortisol will build up when you experience any long term stress or anxiety.
And when you eat the wrong foods your Insulin tends to go way up thus producing a lot of body fat. And Glucagen which is a fat burner gets turned off.

PROBLEM # 2 Here is a fallacy : You should cut your calories drastically for a long period of time to try to lose weight. This is so wrong !!

This will only result in severe cravings as your body recognizes nutrient deficiency in your body. This depraved deficit in nutrients will send to your brain that you need to eat more food.
And fill your stomach to the brim.

As a result. people begin to eat food that have no nutrients which in turn causes more cravings and everything totally gets out of control.

After about a week or two of dieting your body is programmed to fight back by lowering the hormones that keep your metabolism running along smoothly. The thyroid gland is one that comes to mind as is burns calories.
But at this same time your body can increase a hormone called Leptin which increases your hunger and appetite.

And bottom line is that your quest to burn fat comes to a major halt !!!

At this point you will be forced to reduce calories and do exercise at the same time, which is a bummer !!!

PROBLEM #3: The food you eat is laced with obesity based ingredients !!

Giant food corporations make big moolah by stuffing food with low nutrient ingredients with cheap preservatives which produce nothing but fat and obesity !!
These foods can affect brain chemistry called neurotransmitters ,much like cocaine and other drugs, making us in a sense becoming addicted to these fat producing foods.

Fun right ??

Well, I will go into the three tricks to help you rid yourself of this stuff forever in tomorrows Post !!

October 25th 2011

Joel Marion ,a fellow health nut and weight loss enthusiasts, came up with his top 3 nutritional bars , and I added one of my own favorites..

1. – Its called KIND

In KIND bars you will find a great blend of dried fruits, nuts, and other top natural ingredients. You should be able to find them at you local health store and in many cases at your regular grocery store.
One highly recommended flavor by many people is the Almond and Apricot with the yogurt bars. They are very scrumptous as well as having very low GI ( scoring a impressive 28) and have about 4 grams of fiber.

2. – Organic Food Bar
This bar really taste great and jams in 22 grams of protein and 9 grams of fiber in the protein version.

3. – Prograde Organic Cravers
According to Joe, this is far and beyond the best tasting nutritional bar out on the market ! Its got plenty of fiber and he says the dark chocolate organic flavor is really good. !!
And the chocolate peanut butter also rocks. Right now you can save 15% for another day with the coupon code at!!

4. My fav is the Cliff bar !! Its is simple but a great tasting bar, and packs in 10 grams of protein. One of my favorite lunches to make is a cliff bar lightly spread with peanut butter along with some ,carrots, broccoli spears, cauliflower and a apple. I will finish this off with a nutty butty bar for my desert.

Uhmm….uhm just makes me hungry thinking about it !! :)

Have a great week and remember the coupon for Joe’s fav bar above. It lasts only for one more day.

Robert Andrew

October 24th 2011

(Topics include ways lose weight ,best way to lose weight, how to lose belly fat)

Well, the reason I bring this topic up is that my lovely wife is currently on Weight Watchers for the past month or so.

The results haven’t been mind blowing as far as losing weight, but she has lost 10 lbs in the first month or so. It is slow weight loss but very steady.

She is happy with these results and if she is happy then I am happy :)

Here is the deal with weight watchers; you can pretty much eat anything you want but you are given so may points for each kind of food in a week that you can eat…. In other wards if you eat a donut at Krispy creme you will use up a lot of your points so you will have to make up for these high amount of used points. Consequently, you may eat something like broccoli that uses a low amount of points.

In a way this is somewhat indirectly similar to the way I approach how you eat and the balance you can have in your diet.
In my eating regimen you should focus on low carbs, lean proteins, vegetables, fruit, and wheat and grains.
You can splurge here an there with a pizza or ice cream sundae but be sure to balance it out with a nice garden salad the next day for lunch :)

Remember people balance, balance, and more balance. This is true in aspects of your Life including eating and working out.

(Tags include ways to lose weight ,best way to lose weight, how to lose belly fat)

October 20th 2011

One thing that I hear from many friends and family that are on some kind of diet or want to lose weight is that after they consume a full meal they still feel like they are not full and are still hungry !

Well, the fact of the matter is it comes down to a term called Caloric Density.

Let me explain. Eating a small amount of a given food with very high calories is considered to be a very high caloric density food. Whereas another food with the same amount of volume but less calories is a low density caloric food.

A good example of this would be a piece of cheesecake compared to a bowl of broccoli. The cheesecake is a high density caloric food. The broccoli is a low density caloric food. You can eat way more broccoli than cheesecake and still have the same calories. Thus getting more of a full filling with the broccoli !

So now you can go to the dinner table and eat a lot eat lean proteins, vegetables, and fruit and get full. Whereas if you eat some really bad foods you eat the same amount of calories, but you do not have that full feeling because of the smaller volume.

As a result you are still hungry and this acts as a vicious cycle for getting fatter and fatter !!

Hope this helps you all a little bit.

Robert Andrew

October 19th 2011
(Topics include ways to lose weight , best way to lose weight, how to lose belly fat )

Just a brief Post today as I will keep it short.

Many times people will come up to me and ask me ,’Rob what are some simple ways to getting on track and lose some weight’ ??

1. Well, one good way is to keep on hand some high fiber foods like hot aired popcorn and raw vegetables like cauliflower or carrots. They can really help with cutting down those cravings and are good in fiber.

2. Here is another thing people tend to do wrong. I am sometimes guilty of it myself and that is do NOT weigh yourself too much !
Rather take a tape measure and put it around your waist and your clothes to best see your weight loss progress.
Also remember that your weight can fluctuate during a day. At night it can to be heavier than during the day. And you can weigh more at night than you do during the day. I know this can be frustrating but that is how it is with many people.

3. Drinking a lot of fattening liquids can really put on the fat. So I highly suggest you stay away from them.

4. One last thing is to eat a light carbohydrate food 45 minutes before you have you actual meal. This will curb you appetite so you dont eat too much during that meal.

Anyway, just a few tidbits of good information to lose weight and stay hot.

Robert Andrew

(Tags include ways to lose weight , best way to lose weight, how to lose belly fat )

October 18th 2011
(Tags include effective weight loss, lose belly fat, how to lose weight)

I got a real big checkout today at my cardiovascular doctor. Starting with the stress test on a treadmill. The nurse put these electrodes on my chest and told me to start walking on the treadmill. She said it would get faster and faster as time went by. And to go as long as I could go.

I got to where it was a pretty good paced run. But then the nurse kept having to put the electrodes back on as they were sliding off my chest. She finally decided it was futile so she stopped the treadmill just as I was getting into a good rhythm. ;)

The test showed at the beginning of my workout that there were some skipped beats or palpitations. But when I was walking hard and eventually running the skipped beats went away.

Then after the stress test I went to the echocardiogram and had that done. Its basically a sonogram of your heart.
The tech performing saw some irregular rhythms as I could feel them.

After this they have strapped my chest down with a 24 hr. holster measuring by EKG during that time.

Anyway I get to see what the doctor says 8 days from now about these tests. This may be something I have to live with. Which I can do. I just hope it is not something flawed with my heart and serious.

I will tune you in.

And remember to always be pro active with your health. If something does not feel right check it out.

Robert Andrew

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October 17th 2011

Hello guys. I just want to write a brief post concerning the origins of this blog and why I created it.

Well the main reason I created this Blog is for well over 30 years I have been an avid and exercise nut :) I started running 10K’s when I was 8 years old and working out with weights when I was 11 years old.

You really can sum it up by saying that I love to talk about exercise and health , and I love to help people become more fit and slim down.

Through my own experience in the last 30 plus years I have gained invaluable knowledge as well as learning from other exercise and health experts in the field. It has been very enlightening to exchange ideas from fitness gurus and take these principles and my experience and form my own fitness and health regimen.

If you look up at the top of this blog you will see ‘My philosophy’ where I discuss this. Its simple but very powerful stuff.

I am here to serve you and get your butts off the couch and get those rolls off your belly ;)

As you have seen, I discuss a lot of my week to week and day to day regimen including the triumphs and failures that occur in my Life just as everyone has. You can learn from this as I continue to learn from them myself everyday !!

So sit back and enjoy but do not sit down too long. :)

And if you ever have any questions or just want to say hi you can email me at

Robert Andrew

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