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5 Reasons for Not Losing

1. Lack of sleep
2. Chronic stress
3 .Eating of Processed foods
4. Consumption of copious amounts of sugar.
5. Lack of Exercise Regimen

That is it pretty much in a nutshell , folks !! It is simple but unfortunately the road to get there can be difficult.
Follow me on this journey as we strive to Lose Weight and Look Hot and feel good about ourselves !!

Robert Andrew

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Archive for November, 2011

(Topics include ways to lose weight, best ways to lose weight, best way to lose weight, how to lose belly fat)

Ok guys in the last decade or so one of the biggest fads to lose weight has been to get the fat surgically removed from the body. This procedure is aptly known as Liposuction !

I know it sounds like a quick fix and somewhat glamorous to get that fat off the belly, thighs and other body parts with a quick procedure like this, but the fact of the matter is in most tests conducted it does not work ! Thats the bottom line.

Let me tell you why…….Research has shown that Liposuction is way far from being the magic bullet it is purported to be. On the contrary, a recent study on obesity suggests after patients who had undergone Liposuction that they regained all that fat and weight back and it was redistributed in other areas of the body !!

In this study healthy non-obese women had about 4 pounds removed from their bellies, hips, and thighs. And after this they exercised regularly and ate very good diets. After 12 months of doing this they had found the weight they lost had been regained.

Interesting enough the weight that was gained back was in different areas of the body. The thighs had retained the benefits of the surgery but the abdomen had regained the weight as well as the shoulders and triceps.
You can kind of conclude that maybe Liposuction is more of a body shape changing procedure and less of a weight loss procedure. I don’t know ,you decide !!

But it kind of makes you twice about going under the scalpel doesn’t it ;)

Robert Andrew

(Tags include ways to lose weight, best ways to lose weight, best way to lose weight, how to lose belly fat)

(Topics include ways lose weight, best ways to lose weight, how to lose belly fat)

Okay, I must admit I have always loved milk since I was a little boy. No joke I would consume one of those big gallon containers in less than 3 days on average !!

Right now I drink a mixture of skim milk and 2% milk. But I think I will have to re evaluate my view on this.

I have done some research on this topic and have found that by cutting back on the consumption of Milk you will see a significant impact on the amount of weight loss. In other wards stop drinking Milk and you get to see some fat leave your body ! ;)

Here is a good alternative………………….
A friend of mine was drinking protein shakes with milk and started to use Almond milk. And by doing so saw some results in losing weight. This kind of milk has no lactose, no dairy, no indigestion, and no bloating. That sounds pretty darn good to me.

It comes out that this Almond Milk contains third the calories of regular milk and shows a far lower score on insulin levels. Thats a lot of calories you can save and I can see where the weight could come off !

Its funny my wife has been drinking Almond Milk for years. She has always swore by it. I tried it a couple of times and it does taste very very good.
But here is the thing, it will cost you. Almond milk can be pretty expensive. And rather high compared to your Walmart brand of milk.

But I would say if you could cut costs in other areas of your food eating Life then Almond Milk is a good way to go to assist you in losing weight !!

(Tags include ways lose weight, best ways to lose weight, how to lose belly fat)

Best Regards,
Robert Andrew

(Topics include best ways to lose weight, how to lose weight, ways to lose weight, how to lose belly fat)

I know many of you guys have seen the commercials that tell you how to get rid of that belly fat by wearing a belt around your stomach or using a some kind of Ab roller !!

Well, let me give you a little pointer here……….the fact of the matter is you cannot spot reduce to try and lose that belly fat. If you weigh 400lbs you are never going to get  six pack abs no matter how many crunches you do !!

The fat  in a person’s mid section is composed of two kinds. The first is called subcutaneous fat and lies right beneath the skin over your ab muscles.  The second is called visceral fat which lies deeper in the abdomen and closer to some of the major organs. This particular  kind of fat can be very dangerous and cause a multitude of health problems including health disease, stroke , diabetes just  to name a few.

But the important thing to know is that in order to get rid of all this belly fat , both subcutaneous and visceral, you have to implement a system that is composed of a good diet and a good exercise regimen.

We have talked frequently about some of the ways to lose weight in my blog here. But in my new weight loss program I go into specifics that will give you a strong foundation to be able  lose this belly fat  !!

Its a steal at $4.99 and you will get some really good stuff out of it , trust me.
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(Tags include best ways to lose weight, how to lose weight, ways to lose weight, how to lose belly fat)

Okay, I know many of you including my self have been thru scenarios similar to this : You have been eating good and keeping yourself in shape but you find yourself stranded in an airport and hungry as can be. Well, the only place that is open is a Krispy Kreme donut bakery. You are craving some food so you splurge on some donuts and BOOM there goes your diet and eating good. It all goes downhill from there. Your blood sugar increases and this causes even more hunger pains later for the wrong foods. Its a downward spiral for you here.

So what do you do in a situation like this ??? Well, you can do three things that will really help you out. Actually, these three things are three foods. And make sure to carry them with you at all times as they are very portable. They can make a full meal that is really convenient and will help your diet out tremendously.

These three foods are Nuts, Fruit, and Beef Jerky !!  Yes, you heard it right, these three foods can really help you out when you need it.  Nuts contain Fat and a modest amount of Protein, Beef Jerky is a really good tasting source of Protein and Fruits are a low glycemic food packed with vitamins and minerals

To put it simple :                                                                                                                   Nuts and Beef Jerky = Fat and Protein ! And Fruit and Beef Jerky = Carbs and Protein !

This takes zero preparation and you can and should always carry them in  your purse, gym bag, pockets, car, desk etc.. just basically wherever you go during the day.

These three foods  will provide you a modest meal that is both  healthy and can be  eaten anywhere !!


Robert Andrew


(Topis include best ways to lose weight, how to lose weight, ways to lose weight, how to lose belly fat)

I tell you what guys after the meal yesterday for Thanksgiving I had to come up with a plan to combat the huge amount of turkey,ham,stuffing, gravy,potatoes, green beans and two big slices of pecan pie I had !!

I do not advise this for any of my readers but today I went on a tough workout with my daughters in the stroller and since then I have NOT eaten any solid food. I have drinking plenty of water as well as protein milk. It is about 8 pm here central time and I am starting to get hunger pains, but believe I can make it through the night with my fasting.

I suggest anyone who goes on a fast to NOT do any type of exercising. This can get your eletrolytes all out of wack and can even be dangerous in some instances. So by all means be careful if you participate in any kind of fasting !

Anyway, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. And I hope you didn’t overdue like I did. :)

Cheers to a great holiday season,

Robert Andrew

(Tags include best ways to lose weight, how to lose weight, ways to lose weight, how to lose belly fat)

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. And to those who do not celebrate this occasion well then have a happy day. :)

To those eating turkey today just be sure not to overdue it. ;)  You can eat some good ole pecan pie washing it down with some  fresh ice tea and lets do not forget the gravy and sweet potatos………but make sure in the next few days you keep your diet to a moderate level. Maybe have some turkey sandwiches sprinkled with olive oil and low fat mayo. And lets include some broccoli spears and baby carrots along with some purified water. If you must have chips with your sandwich then eat the baked ones.

Just play it smart and remember that famous slogan that I am always yelling at you guys ; BALANCE,BALANCE, BALANCE !!


Have a great one guys,

Robert Andrew






Yeah last night I ran a 6 miler. It was pretty cold here in Texas especially when the sun went down. I felt really good though as I got thru the 6 miles in a pretty good pace !

Personally, I have never really minded working out in cold weather. In my younger years, I used to lift big logs with my brother in the winter time. Snow would be falling around us as we made quick lifts in moving the logs just to stay warm.

I know many of you prefer going to the gym to get your exercise. And that is just find. But for me going out and Running with snow flakes falling on my head and face is kind of cool !

Right now I have developed a really good regimen and I have been keeping it for a while now……I do 300 pushups and 300 crunches Monday thru Friday and a 5 to 6 miler Monday and on Thursday !! Thats it ! Its pretty simple and has enabled me to keep my weight around 180 lbs and as my wife says I am mean and lean :)      In other wards I am pretty cut in musclarity but not too much  !!   And my Cardio is running on all four cylinders lately !  Also about 3 times a week I will take my two daughters on a stroll around the neighborhood with wifey joining us many times.

I advise most people that going to a gym can be a really positive thing. For me it has always been a distraction.  And you should realize that you can get in good shape and lose weight with simple exercises around your home.

Sometimes you have to be creative and open minded  but in the long run it saves you time and money compared to joining a gym !! ;)

Robert Andrew



November 14, 2011

(Topics include best ways to lose weight, how to lose weight, ways to lose weight, how to lose belly fat)

I kind of get a kick out of watching the Biggest Loser. Its fun to see the competitive nature of these severely obese people who go head to head in doing exercises to lose as much weight as they can each week.

Even though I get I kick out of it some regards , I also get a big turnoff by it in another. I really do not think the show promotes the proper way to get slim and stay healthy. To lose weight as fast as you can is not only wrong but it can be dangerous. I think it was the season before last on the Biggest Loser where one of the contestants almost had a heart attack as he fell to the ground after doing a strenuous workout.

With people of this size you need to start off slowly and methodically and  engrain over time a healthier approach to life. This includes a better diet, a manageable exercise regimen ,and a spiritual and mental development.

And by no means should you rush into things by competing with others on who can lose the most weight in the quickest time. This is plain ridiculous !

I think the trainers which include Bob , who has been there for every season, in their heart of hearts realize the Biggest Loser is NOT the correct way to stay slimmer and healthiert.

But you know what they say??……….. money can really cloud someones judgement. In this case I can definitely can see that with the trainers.

A big two thumbs down for the Biggest Loser and in its effects on being a good steward in the proper way of eating and and  exercising !!

Robert Andrew


(Tags include best ways to lose weight, how to lose weight, ways to lose weight, how to lose belly fat)

November 10th, 2011

Howdy guys !!

I will make it a brief post here. I think these 5 exercises will really help you in becoming healthier and getting slimmer.

1. Running – Well, any of you who know me will realize how much I love Running and it has greatly impacted my Life in a very positive way. Remember, to start off slow and build up after you become more confident and your body adjusts appropriately.

2. Swimming –  This has been one of my favorite Summer activities and one of my best complimetary activities to Running. One good thing about Swimming is that you get a good cardiovascular workout without the wear and tear on joints that you might get with Running !

3. Walking – For those who are older and for those who have weaker joints, ligaments, or tendons this could be an ideal exercise to take up. Just remember to keep the pace brisk and you will see some good results on your heart and lungs.

4. Boxing or Shadow Boxing – This activity has been known for many years to be one of the greatest activities to burn calories. There is no doubt about it. I remember when I was in junior high I boxed in intramurals and after a few minutes my body was spent. Shadow boxing done in a similar manner will see the same results !! And you can do this almost anywhere !

5. Mountain Biking – I just love this sport. It has been awhile since I have been able to participate in it. But I know when I did it, it proved to be a great cardio activity along with developing the upper body. And it also puts limited stress on your joints.

Hope this helps in finding a suitable exercise that matches your needs.

Robert Andrew



November 9th 2011

Yeah the 7 miler felt great. I noticed in the last mile or so the top of my thighs started to get a little tight and sore. As I write this today I find myself a little sore in my lower body but not too bad.

I plan to stick to the 4 and 5 milers as that is a good distance for me. I have not run over 7 miles in at least 12 years. But it feels really great to be able to reel off a 7 miler like i did last night !! My age still does not show as I think I can out run most 20 yr. olds at this distance.

On top of this I weighed myself for the first time in about 3 weeks. I have gained 8 lbs since last weigh in. I am 181 lbs and that is exactly what my goal has been the last 6 months. Though I think part of this weight gain can be attributed to Halloween candy and a pizza hut buffet today right before I weighed in :)

But Iam bent on staying around the 180 lb to 183 lb area. I do know some of my gain in weight lately can also be as a result  of the 300 pushup and 200 crunches I do every day, 5 days a week !!  I have built up some pretty lean muscle mass and will be adding some dumbell free weights once a week pretty soon !! This will add even more.

Staying in shape and staying slim is a lifetyle commitment !! There is no getting around it. But………….you can have those splurges like I did   today at Pizza Hut.  Just balance it out. So tonight I will drink some muscle milk and eat a collage of strawberries, broccoli,  cauliflower, and grapes and a piece of  wheat bread !!

UHMMM GOOOOD !!!  Keep it going folks

Robert Andrew