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5 Reasons for Not Losing

1. Lack of sleep
2. Chronic stress
3 .Eating of Processed foods
4. Consumption of copious amounts of sugar.
5. Lack of Exercise Regimen

That is it pretty much in a nutshell , folks !! It is simple but unfortunately the road to get there can be difficult.
Follow me on this journey as we strive to Lose Weight and Look Hot and feel good about ourselves !!

Robert Andrew

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Archive for December, 2011

Well, the holiday season is upon us. I will be gone for the next few weeks as I am going out of state. But you know what the holidays can be a lot of gift giving, good cheer, and a lot if not too much good ole hearty eating !! :) (If you dont celebrate this time of year then have a great one also :>)

I admit I can be guilty as anyone when it comes to the holidays.  But as I have said before, eat good but balance it out with some smart eating too. If you eat turkey and gravy one day then the next day eat some smaller salads with broccoli, cauliflower, low fat dressing etc. Or get on the treadmill for an extra 15 minutes.
That is the best way to lose weight !!

Hey, there is no reason not to have fun during the holidays but just balance things out . And that is truly the best way to lose weight !

I look forward to a great 2012 ,and I want to really ramp up things on this blog to make it easier for you to lose the weight, stay healthy, and get hot !! ;)

As I have said one good way to start the New Year is my new weight lose program which will set you on the right foot in winning that battle with bulge. Many say it is the best way to lose weight as it is packed with what you need to lose those pounds.

It is at an insane low price and you can get it right below here at $9.99, regular price is $20.00.This is only for a few weeks into the New Year. Money Back Guarantee!! Paypal accepted…. Buy Now

Have a great one and Ho,Ho,Ho,
Robert Andrew





Okay, many people might not believe it but you can eat a number of really good tasting and good for you foods besides the usual bland tasting salads, broccoli, cauliflower and the likes. One of these is a chocolate peanut butter milkshake. You heard that right a chocolate peanut butter milkshake.

Here is the ingredients to make this splendid food or drink if you want to call it that.

1. Take one Scoop of Prograde Protein (Chocolate)
2. Two Tablespoons of all natural peanut or almond butter
3. One cup of organic almond milk or skim milk preferably almond milk since it has such a goooood taste to it !!
4. three to four ice cubes

Now here are the directions :

You need to pour 1 cup or so of organic skim milk or almond milk into a blender, then go ahead and add the remaining ingredients to it. Blend on high power for 40 seconds. Then just enjoy !! :)

This rockin concotion tastes similar to a reeses peanut butter milkshake !! So savor every last delicious drop of it !! It is a convenient snack that can be enjoyed most anywhere and can be used as a meal replacement.

There is a 15% Coupon for the Prograde Protein which expires on Monday.

Three reasons to love Prograde Protein is because it is stevia sweetened, delicious, and a cold-processed protein powder. The only one I am aware of.

Many protein powders are really damaged ones that have been unnaturally processed to your disadvantage ! However, with Prograde there is the use of a low temperature filtering process that really makes the protein pure and robust. It also has a natural sweetener called stevia. Stevia is really difficult to find when it comes to protein powders ! And oh yeah it really taste fantastic which to many people is the most important thing !! :)

So I urge you guys to get that 15% off coupon rate for Prograde before the deadline ends on Monday. And give it a shot and try that chocolate peanut butter milkshake. Its debatable whether it is the best way to lose weight. But if it is not the best way to lose weight it sure is a great way to keep the pounds off and have fun doing it !! ;)

Keep on keeping on guys and have a great weekend,
Robert Andrew

I am feeling pretty good today so I am going to hit the pavement for the first time in a week. As many of you know I have had a cold the last week or so. I still have slight congestion but not enough where a short run will make it worse.

I have taking a long enough break and I am eager to go on this run. My two daughters are still coughing up a storm particularly the oldest one, Mackenzie !! I gave her some antibiotics from the doctor and hopefully by the weekend she will be rid of it. Its been tough seeing the little ones suffer with this congestion. :(

For the holiday season I will being taking a 1,200 mile long trek with my family from Texas to Tennessee !! So next week will be my last Postings until after the New Year. I will talk about this more next week.

And I will let you know how my run goes and how my little ones are doing.

The Best,
Robert Andrew

You know the best way to lose weight sometimes is to remain chill and do nothing.

Example: For me today is one of the ways of remaining healthy by doing nothing. I had planned to get back in my exercise routine after battling this cold for the last week or so. I feel pretty good all over ,but I still have a little congestion in my chest and it is pretty cold here as of lately in Texas. So this evening I am going to relax and do NOTHING !!
But I will focus on what I eat.

Do not get me wrong as I always keep an eye on what I put in my body. But lately it has been a little extra looking at the foods I eat.

For today I have eaten ultra grain cereal for breakfast along with some muscle milk and a orange. For lunch I will consume some broccoli and carrots and a ham sandwich with low fat mayo.
For dinner probably just a bowl of chili which has lots of protein and a medley of fruit with it.

Its pretty smart eating. And remaining stagnant at least for one more day is a smart away to get completely healed of this cold. Yes, I could go out and put a six miler in the cold weather at a medium pace….. but the risk could be another 4 days of feeling crappy like last week. So no doing. ;)

Just listen to your body and your instincts and you will be much better off for doing it !! As I said the best way to lose weight many times is just doing nothing and eat smartly !! :)

Robert Andrew

Its a weird name I know and not many people know about it that much. Quinoa is pronounced Keen-Wah! And it is a grain although that is up in debate, but we know it to be part of the grain/rice/cereal family and this is a family all of us need to enjoy eating.

Compared to many other grains it is packed with a good amount of protein coming in at 8 grams within a cup. And whats even cooler is that Quinoa packs in complete proteins with all the 26 amino acids.

On top of all this Quinoa has very low glycemic levels. For those who dont know about glycemic levels;
this is a standard measurement of which carbohydrates are good and which are not so good. Lets face it all carbs are not created equally. There are Carbs that enter our bodies and spike our Glucose and Insulin levels high making a recipe for potential Heart Attack, stroke, diabetes and more. Low glycemic levels in our body release only a low amount of insulin and Glucose. Which obviously is one of the the best ways to lose weight and stay healthy.

Quinoa really is the grains of all grains and is just starting to get the recognition it so deserves !
You can mix it with beans, eat it by itself or put it in fish, lean steak, grilled chicken or anything your heart so desires. Like I said earlier it is a low glycemic carb and has the protein and fiber packed into it….funny but who would have thought there would be a Carb with good protein and fiber in it ?? ironic huh ? And incidentally it is one of the best ways to lose weight and stay healthy !!

As they say folks keep on keeping on and try this grain Quinoa out as soon as you can,

Robert Andrew

As I wrote in my last Post this past Thursday I went off for a pretty swift 6 miler when I shouldn’t have because I had some sniffles and congestion in the chest and head. I then suffered for a few days with some bad aches and congestion and a low grade fever. I still have a little bit left so I am going to stick with what I said in my last Post and that is to listen to your body and take a break when it tells you to.

I really want to get back into my regular exercise regimen but I know if I go back to it right now I could get sick all over again.
Unfortunately, because of my break I have gained weight. When I weighed myself last night I found myself to be at 189 lbs which is outside my ideal target weight of 183 lbs. I was very disappointed and knew that it was the pizza I consumed over the weekend and some other not so good foods that caused this..What an idiot I was !! ;)

Thats another thing I need to mention. When you are sick and cannot exercise try to watch your diet and watch what you eat a little more closely. Eating soup and getting plenty of juice or water and fruit is ideal.
I should have done this and now I am paying for it with my gain in weight.

So in the next week I am going to work harder and better in resuming my exercising and eating better.

Robert Andrew

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I tell what guys sometimes you just need to listen to your bodies. When your body says ‘dont go’ then ‘dont go’

Last night this happened to me. For most of the day I had bad allergies with coughing and pressure in my head and also a little achy all over. I had planned for my 6 mile run all week last night. So I was bent on doing it. Wrong move………..

I did the 6 miler at a pretty fast pace but I noticed in the last mile my body was getting more tired than usual. When I got home I sat on the porch to cool down. After 15 minutes of this I took a hot bath. When I got out and sat down in the recliner I knew, I just knew I should not have run that 6 miler.
I was completely achy all over way more than earlier in the day. I was more congested and felt feverish. I was just clinging to the moment our daughters went to bed so I could just plop down for a long night sleep.
Well, I really didnt sleep well because of coughing etc…

As I am sitting here writing this I still feel some congestion and aches in my body. Not like last night but its still there.

I am skipping my exercises this morning and hopefully by this afternoon I will feel much better !!

It just goes to show that you need to listen to your body and what it is trying to tell you. No doctor, no wife, mother or anyone knows your body like you do.
So take heed and use my example for your own lives!!

Robert Andrew

(Tags include ways to lose weight, best ways to lose weight, best way to lose weight, how to lose belly fat)