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5 Reasons for Not Losing

1. Lack of sleep
2. Chronic stress
3 .Eating of Processed foods
4. Consumption of copious amounts of sugar.
5. Lack of Exercise Regimen

That is it pretty much in a nutshell , folks !! It is simple but unfortunately the road to get there can be difficult.
Follow me on this journey as we strive to Lose Weight and Look Hot and feel good about ourselves !!

Robert Andrew

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Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and to those who do not celebrate any of these I want to give you warm greetings for now and also the New Year !

I will be heading on a family trip to my parents in a few days. We will be going from Southern Texas to East Tennessee where they live and where I grew up my entire Life for the most part ! Yep, it is just over 1,000 miles !

It will be my wife and our two daughters in our Chevy SUV. They are 4 and 2 years and 10 months old. Of course, we are a little bit anxious but the girls have made this trip numerous times. We just keep our fingers cross that they will not get out out of hand. Of course, having Barney on the DVD screen helps tremendously ;)

I know I will be eating a little bit more than usual along with all of my family these Holidays. I will also be working out with my Wife and brothers. I might put in a few extra sets of circuit training to combat the excess food I will be consuming.

I know many of you will be eating a lot during these Holidays especially Christmas day and New Years (Eve) !

Remember my mantra. Balance , Balance, and more Balance.

If you eat huge amounts of Turkey and gravy and a slice of pecan pie that’s fine………but maybe the next day have some wheat bread and make a nice little turkey sandwich with a small garden salad on the side.

Have fun in Life but do not go overboard and do not be excessive.

Once again be safe if you are traveling and have the Merriest of Times, and I will see ya after the New Year !!

Robert Andrew

P.S. Please keep the good folks in Connecticut in your Prayers. Sometimes the Holidays are not Merry for some. And they need all the prayers and support we can give them. God Bless




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