Hello Folks !! I am Robert Marsh and I want to give you a sincere Welcome to my Blog here. I take pride in giving you the very best resources and information in helping you to lose weight and get in shape. You will also see how I document much of my own weekly and monthly routine for staying healthy and lean.

I am the father to two beautiful daughters and have a lovely wife. All this this tends to bring out the feminine side in me ;) Which helps me in working both men and women as well as myself !!

I have over 20 years experience in Health and Fitness. Needless to say , I have had my own trials and tribulations in maintaining my own weight and health. Believe me folks, I have been in those frustrating times in my Life where I thought the weight would just never come off no matter what I did ! I know folks it really sux big time to be there !!
But through time, experience and patience, I have come up with a Lifestyle plan that has kept me in shape and the weight down for a number of years now.

Along the way I’ve  helped many people with my formula of losing weight and looking good. Honestly, I am not a genius by any means and probably half the people or more who read this Blog have a higher IQ than mysef ! ;) So Albert Einstein I ain’t. But one thing I do have is a passion for doing what I do and nothing makes me prouder than to see people see real results.

I hope to share this with you in this Blog (along with some of my sarcasm aimed at you and others but mostly at myself ; compliments of my wife lol.) and help you get on the right track for a healthy Life.

Once again WELCOME !!  :)