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5 Reasons for Not Losing

1. Lack of sleep
2. Chronic stress
3 .Eating of Processed foods
4. Consumption of copious amounts of sugar.
5. Lack of Exercise Regimen

That is it pretty much in a nutshell , folks !! It is simple but unfortunately the road to get there can be difficult.
Follow me on this journey as we strive to Lose Weight and Look Hot and feel good about ourselves !!

Robert Andrew

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Hey guys.

I hope you are having a good Holiday weekend.

I know many of you had a good turkey lunch or dinner with all the fixings .

I sure know I did !!

I went over to my Aunt Rosie’s for the Big day. We had about 40 relatives for the  chow down. And everybody brought at least one item of food or drink.

So it was a huge smorgasbord of sweet potatoes, gravy and turkey with stuffing, green bean caseroles, home made rolls, sweet tea, pecan pie, apple pie, and a whole lot of other goodies included.

I must have ate over 2,000 calories for that meal. However, I kind of planned my whole week around this festival of eating and ate accordingly!

Today, though I really cut down on all my fats, carbs and calories in general. Plus, I did some resistance circuit training to up my Cardio and muscle training. It was a good workout.

Needless to say, as I am writing this I feel pretty darn proud of the way I rebounded today. Most people I know eat through the whole weekend ,and I have done that a few times in the past. However, it is not worth it.

I encourage all of you who ate without abandonment this Thanksgiving to balance out the rest of the weekend with ‘clean food’ and well proportioned meals.

As I always say: Balance, balance, and more balance.

Cheers guys to a great Thanksgiving and a soon to be Christmas,


Hey guys,

Just got back from Library time with my two youngins. Their Grandma accompanies us ,and we always have a good time. It is especially fun for our girls because they are not in any preschool right now. One will be 4 years old in less than two weeks. The other will be three in February !

I know people ask us was it hard to have them so close in age. I just retort that it was; Definitely ! But so worth it.

Anyway, after the library Grandma graciously offered to take us on a big splurge…..well McDonalds. lol  The kids including Bubba their cousin just love to go there and eat and play on the inside playground. It is in the low 50s here today and that is cold for south Texas. So this sounded perfect.

Well, I ended up indulging myself with a Mac Ribs combo and was hungry on top of that so I got another small fry and a double cheeseburger on the dollar menu.

It came out to well over 1,000 calories. I was not too disappointed with myself as I will have to take it up a notch for today’s workout. And maybe go a little easy on my 2 cheat meals on the weekend.

As most of my Readers know I strongly advocate at least 2 maybe 3 cheat meals on the weekends with no more than 3,500 calories consumed overall.

These cheat meals will keep you motivated and enable you to enjoy Life just as long as you eat clean meals during the week. Lots of lean proteins and fruit and vegetables !

So you all can strike me down with a shovel as I did a little pre-cheating during the week. But it sure was darn good and I will get back on track tonight.











Hey guys. Maybe  the Headlines in my Post seems a little bit on the condescending side ? Frankly, I know it is, but sometimes people need a good swift kick  in the underside to give them a dose of reality and get them moving forward on the right track.

If you think it is just too harsh for your taste….then in all due respect  you may consider going to another boring, fluff filled weight loss blog selling weight loss pills. Pardon the French, but you will not find that sh!t here . Never ;)

Anyway,  I will make this  short and to the point today ! Well, maybe not short !  :)

Now onwards shall we….

To lose weight and get fit and healthy is simple. It ain’t rocket science. On the same token shedding the pounds can be difficult. Believe me just because something is simple doesn’t mean it is easy.

Especially those last few pounds that you are striving to burn off. I can attest to this because it has been tough in the past to do it myself.

So how do you get on the right track to losing weight and getting fit ?

1. GET ENOUGH SLEEP – I cannot stress how important this is ! Most people overlook this variable in the weight losing equation. Personally, I go for a minimum of 6 quality hours a night. I try to hit 7 to 8 hours but it only happens about 50% of the time. So a quality 6 hours a night does it with me. And this also includes a few minutes of power naps during the day. One of the main benefits of Sleeping well is that many Hormones like HGH are optimally produced during this time. HGH also known as Human Growth Hormone does many wonders to your body. One of the main ones is increasing your metabolic rate of your body and producing lean muscle….which all adds up to a lean mean body fat removing machine.

2. STAY AWAY FROM SUGAR – You betcha I am going to let my two girls  literally drown their precious bodies with snicker and twix bars for Halloween tomorrow, but dammit you should not do it. Their Metabolisms are operating at a much faster rate than a grown up. So your youngins will have that crap burned off faster than a fly over a bonfire within a  few days of  consumption . BOTTOM LINE…. Fat does not make you fat sugar makes you fat.   It wreaks havoc on your Hormones especially Insulin. And any spike upwards or downwards in Insulin will result in  an increased  glucose level in your Blood and a increased or expansion of your Fat cells. So any food you get take a look at the back  and make sure the sugar grams are under 10 !

3.  CONTROL THE  STRESS – We all have it. If you have kids, a job, or care for sick parents or pretty much dealing with life in general….. there is no getting around having stressful events. Notice how I use the word stressful events. There is a big difference between having stress and having stressful events. The latter entails that you will have something that could be deemed stressful but it is how you deal with it that counts. For me I use a lot of medication, I mean meditation lol ! Whether it be praying to an actual God or just closing your eyes and using deep breathing techniques to deal with those stressful events in your Life and rid the actual stress from your body and mind. I use a combination of both. And I find a quiet corner with no outside noise or distraction. I try to do this at least 5 minutes everyday. It will help if you practice it on an ongoing basis !

Remember stress is conducive to binge eating and impulsive consumption of crappy foods.

And it really screws around with your hormones especially  one called Cortisol. Cortisol helps regulate sugar, movement of carbs, proteins ,and fats in and out of cells. When you get really stressed out over a long period of time your body will be bathed in Cortisol. This in turn spikes insulin levels which leads to nasty things like Obesity and Diabetes. Foods like casein- rich cottage cheese, fruits especially berries, whole grains, and mushrooms will help combat this spike in Cortisol.

But to avoid any of this just work on some of the techniques above to keep stressful events from becoming stressful on your body !

So in meantime, when I go around the hood with my daughters tomorrow , I will be smiling from ear to ear as they are dressed in their Sponge Bob  and Police Woman Costumes eating their reese cups and I am drinking my Smart Water to my heart’s content!  A perfect atmosphere for a great Halloween ;)

Have a safe and good one guys,

Robert Andrew




Okay guys. You see this title of the post and you are scratching your head. You say what is Rob talking about and has he gone mad?  I know it does sound a little bit out there !

But just hold on for a second and hear me out on this.

We always talk about ways to get fit and slimmer on this Blog. I talk about ways that have and continue to do the trick for myself on a weekly and monthly level  as well present general and specific  info. that can help guide you on your weight loss journey.

One of the ways we probably need to talk about more is really the most important aspect of losing weight. And that is what happens between your ears; the mindset you carry when  going on this long journey of better health.

One of the things I always stress is how Meditation along with Spirituality can really help transform your body. Seeing the body you want by visualizing it in Meditation will help you get there is a real and sometimes subconscious way.

What I am trying to get at is this…….. Spirituality and Meditation leads to a certain amount of divinity which in turn equates to a certain amount of Godliness.

If you are an Atheist the Godly part of this , Spirituality and Divinity,  is left out of the equation.

Personally, I believe that there is a higher Being than myself and it motivates me to be the best I can be knowing that especially in my Health. The fact that this Higher Being is partly making it all happen is very,very important to me. And I know it is to many others too.

Look I am not trying to be preachy here (well maybe sort of ;) ) but just consider (even a little bit) that there is a Godly figure that we cannot see or hear .

I am not advocating a particular religious faith ,but to think that everything you do is the result of you and you only is naive  and in my opinion misinformed !

Conversely, I know people who are Atheist and Agnostic who are very successful in Life including the area of health and fitness.

But, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that my Spirituality has played a huge part in my Lifestyle, and the way I live it including staying healthy and fit !!

Enough of my Rant! :)

See Ya,








I hope you guys are having a good weekend. Am I ?? Well, its been pretty good. Right now the kids are being put the sleep for the regularly afternoon nap. So I got a chance to get here and post a quick Thread.

Last night we had a real cool family event. Well, if you want to call going to Walmart ( actually Sams) and eating some fresh cheesy pepperoni  pizza with light lemonade a great time well then you are as boring as we are. ;)

No, actually it was fun to be with my Wifey and the two small young ones gorging down some really excellent pizza at our heart’s content. Yes, and I am not embarrassed to say that Sams has some really good pizza. A little greasy but the cheese is really, really good.

Other than that, I felt like I had a good week workout wise as I met every workout that I had planned to do. Monday,  hard cardio at 4.3 miles running under 8 minutes a mile.

Tuesday, my crunch/pushup day with some dumbbell power circuit workout added in. Total rest on Wednesday except for light Abs.

Thursday, hard cardio exactly like Monday.

Friday, hit a good quality dumb bell workout with crunches and push ups !! Again it was high intense circuit training. For those who do not know what power circuit training it is basically doing resistance training at a very high pace with little rest between sets. You get the benefits of Cardio and weightlifting at the same time!

I was happy and I remain at 180lbs, a solid 180 lbs mind you, with a 5’11 structure.

My wife starts getting back into the swing of her workout regimen starting Monday. I am proud of her “stick to inveness “.    I know she is getting excited to resume her exercising.

Tonight, well we plan to do some grocery shopping ,and I have one more cheat meal for the weekend so I might use it up before shopping.

So my point with this seemingly meaningless thread ? To let you a know a little bit about what is going on in my Life and to more importantly show you the benefits and the importance of rewarding yourself with TWO cheat meals a week if you have stuck by your weekly goals. :)

Come on folks, you can have fun while losing weight and keeping fit  at the save time . Try it you will like it ! ;)

Robert Andrew







I have never cared much at all for the Biggest Loser and the regimen it puts upon its contestants. I have said this before and I will say it again. Its not a prudent way to get people healthy and fit. Trying to lose 40 lbs in one week is insane ,and I would like to see the success rate of these individuals after 5 years. Just the medical complications that can occur from training 8 hours a day while weighing over 400 lbs are enough for me to say, NO THANKS !!

NOW getting back to Ms. Jillian. First of all if you want my true feelings on her Lifestyle……well I simply do not believe in same sex marriage or same sex relationships. There you got it out of me. If you want to hate me for saying that and wring my neck for saying that , then go ahead. I never back down from expressing my true feelings whether it is political or any other genre.

Now that being said with all the crap that goes on in our society involving, you got it, male and female relationships, it is nice to see two people of any gender get along in a seemingly harmonic fashion  with their family.

And even though I do not believe in same sex marriage or relationships, I believe it is a fundamental Right and Freedom for them to partake in one. Kind of like how I do not care for guns at all but realize everyone should have the opportunity to have one if they qualify and do not hurt others without provocation.

You know it is so IRONIC that the people who  continually vote down same sex marriage and want the Government to  intervene in this matter are the same people who always rant and rave about how Big Government is the evil of mankind ! Thats crazy !!

Anyway , I do think Ms. Jillian does the Biggest Loser because money can cloud someone’s thinking. I believe she does it for all the wrong reasons.

But I do think Ms. Jillian and her love for her two children and partner is a beautiful  thing and she does it for all the right reasons !.

There is nothing greater than the unconditional love a parent has for their child. And Ms. Jillian is a excellent example of a great  Mom  !

Have a great weekend and see you in October,

Robert Andrew






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Hey guys, I hope you are winding down the weekend with a good, rested psyche. I know my family and I have had a great time this weekend. I had been sick through a lot of last week and even had a slight fever, a lot of  vomiting, and bad headaches. Along with this I had my PVCs going on which made things that much more distressful !!

I am over it now and feeling really good. I lost a lot of calories and weight because I threw up and missed a bunch of meals because of the sickness. So guess what ?? When I felt better this weekend I fueled up on some not so great calories like Pizza and Burgers. I do not recommend this for everyone. Actually for really none of my readers at all.

I am at a stage in my Life where I needed to do this and I could do it. For most though, it is not one of the best ways to lose weight and stay healthy !!

Anyway, I just really wanted to touch up and tell you guys how much I am really against fad diets. The flavor of the month diet that will get you down to that 125lbs doesn’t really say what you need to do afterwards.

I know a few years ago my brother was over 300 lbs. He went to the doctor who put him on some popular diet at the time where you just drank liquids for like 6 weeks. well, my brother got down to 160 lbs and everyone one was all ‘pat on the back’ happy and proud of him. My parents were elated.

Well guess what happened in the next 2 years ?? What happened was pretty much indicative of why I call fad diets full of crap……not only did he gain back all the weight he loss, he put back even more than before.

Like I said short term fad diets do not work ; not unless you have some strict plan on what steps you are going to take to adopt a very healthy lifestyle after losing the initial weight from the diet.

Too many people want quick fixes or a magic pill to get thinner and get healthier.

Its no secret folks: Learn to eat smart, adopt a doable exercise regimen, and get good rest and sleep. Its a ‘Marathon’ not a ‘Sprint’.

Now there is nothing wrong with losing a few quick pounds in the first week or so to jump start your body and get you a little confidence and motivation. (Maybe a Biggest Loser type scenario on a much, much smaller and safer level.) After this though, its paramount you do what I said right above !!

Peace out and looking for a Magnificent Fall,
Robert Andrew

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Hey guys I hope you are having a great Holiday weekend. For me ?? Its been great but today I have some cold or something that will be a hurdle in my regular Monday routine i.e. Running 5 miles and doing my Push up and Crunch workout. ( yes contrary to what many say once you reduce you overall Fat you can start to see some definition in your Abs by doing crunches ;)
I hope to get back on track tomorrow.

I had more than 2 cheat meals this long weekend. More like 4 or so.
Its funny though because even with the large intake of Calories I am still staying at around the weight of 180 lbs or so.

Basically, my body is in maintenance mode where my metabolism increases and the added muscles comes into play to make my body a really efficient fat burning machine !! So it goes into overdrive when I stock up on Calories and Fatty foods and tends to burn them off in resting mode !!!

I guess all these years of working out since I was 7 years old has paid off.:)

You can reach that same level but be sure to limit Cheat Meals to two each week with no more than 1,500 calories per meal !!

For me, I do want to get back on my regular healthy diet which includes plenty of Protein, some Fat and Carbs, a lot of Veggies and fruit, and also whole grain and some dairy.

If you keep a consistent count on doing this along with exercising you cant help but lose weight over time.

Just stay focused with little distractions to get you off course !!

Have a good remaining Labor Day weekend,
Robert Andrew :>)

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(Topics include Maintenance Mode, losing weight, lose weight now )

Hey Guys,
One thing I want to stress to you all is that once you have your Exercise regimen down and are getting close if not right at your target weight ( for a period of a year or so ) you can go pretty much into ‘Maintenance Mode’.

What I mean by this is that you do not have to have a strict consumption of food like you did before. You need to eat healthy and at least 5 times a day. But those splurge meals can be a little more often during the week. I would not make it more than twice a week cheat meals though. And with no more than 1,500 calories per cheat meal.
And on top of this in ‘Maintenance Mode’ you do not have to exercise at a mind boggling pace like once before.

Personally, I have been in ‘Maintenance Mode’ for quite some time now. It is a great situation to be in. Your Brain works pretty much in a subconscious way as it has been trained to stay at a general body weight and at a general peak of good health !! Its like your Mind is working in complete harmony with your body.

This is where my “Pace Routine” has be beneficial to many. You hit a target weight and stay there for awhile. After this you then continue a particular exercise regimen like Rowing or Running and you continue this for many years to come at a MANAGEABLE Rate. For example if two days a week of Running is manageable for a couple of decades and does not waver you away from you target weight then go for it !! Life is not a sprint but a Marathon. You cannot continue breakdown exercises like they do on the Biggest Loser and not burn out or suffer some kind if injury. Slow but steady/……..just keep that in mine.

Right now Iam below my target weight by about 5 lbs. so last night I stocked up on two servings of Lasagna and Italian toast. I definitely do not recommend this to everyone. But my stubborn Mother in Law insisted when I told of her of my Situation !!

But strangely enough it works for me here at this period in my Life !!

Anyway, just remember the journey is actually the most fulfilling and satisfying thing there is. So shoot for that ‘Maintenance Mode’ and do not stop until you get it !! And you will be fine and reap the rewards of hard work once you do get there! :)

Peace Out and have a good one,
Robert Andrew

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Howdy Guys and Gals,

Well, if you think trying to skip a meal here and there is going to help you lose weight… then think again. Actually when you deprive yourself of food you will end up gaining more body fat eventually.

When you deprive yourself of food you begin to mess with your Metabolism and certain hormones that regulate body activity. When things like Insulin level, Cortisol, Leptin, and Estrogen spike up and down (particularly Insulin) it will throw your body out of whack. This is what happens when you try to starve your body from eating

In this process, your body goes into a deprivation mode and anything that is eaten is stored as fat for energy because the body does not know when it will be fed up again. So losing weight is nearly impossible !!

So stick o a regular eating regimen. One with servings of Protein, Fruit, vegetables, whole Grain, some dairy products and any and most kind of nuts.

(And a reminder at the end of this Post I will put a section noting my new Christmas Gifts Blog that will have great Christmas Gift Ideas for Men and Christmas Gifts for Women. And it will eventually have some great routines and food products for losing weight)

With all this being said my wife has a Colonoscopy on Monday so essentially she has to fast all day tomorrow. So I am going to join her in the Fast to support her. This alright if you dont make it a regular thing. Once a month Fasting is actually healthy to clean out your systems. Many people do it as part of a regular eating regimen.

But skipping meals here and there to try to lose weight will get you nowhere but headed towards excess weight and body fat !!


Rob Andrew

Hey guys its early before the Season starts but as I said earlier check out my new Christmas Gifts Blog where you can find some of the best Christmas Gift Ideas for Men and Women for Christmas. They range in Cologne to Tools to Sports and eventually health products and all kinds of Christmas Gift Ideas for Men and Women!. I have not gotten up the section for Womens gifts yet but it will be coming soon, so stay tuned.! But Women you can a head start by giving hints to your man of what you may want for Christmas ;)

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